Image of a passenger van with wheelchair access Picture of a Crysler Minivan. Picture of a swivel seat installed in a car.
Image of Tony from Transport and Mobility

TMC-I was founded by Tony Regan who has over thirty years experience in working with elderly and disabled people. He has worked at mobility centres in Belfast, Great Britain, Boston USA and Cleveland Ohio. Since his return to Ireland in 1993 Tony has worked for the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland and the Irish Wheelchair Association before setting-up his on consultancy business, TMC-I. He was a founder member of the UK Forum of Mobility Centre, the Association of Driver Educators for People with Disabilities, and is currently a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport in Ireland, and he has certification in assessing and teaching people with disabilities to drive.

The award winning GLUAIS training addresses the needs of drivers and bus escorts working with elderly and disabled passengers in Ireland.

Mission Statement of TMC-I

At Transport and Mobility Consultants - Ireland we believe we should:

  • Practice responsibility while maintaining the personal integrity of the clients we serve
  • Strive for objective and fair treatment of all people who are elderly or have a disability
  • Foster excellence in the field of Transport and Mobility for elderly and disabled people by keeping abreast of pertinent issues
  • Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information
  • Seek to maintain a reasonable balance between the quality and cost of driving assessments, driver rehabilitation and in the training and education services