Driving Assessment Available at TMC-I

Service to Legal Personnel Available at TMC-I

Many Solicitors and Barristers involved in litigation on behalf of newly disabled clients have the difficult question as to a client's current and future mobility needs. A driving assessment will establish if a client can drive and what adaptive driving equipment they will need to attain full independent mobility.

Once the assessment is completed, usually at a clients home, a full and detailed report is sent outlining the exact car and equipment needs of each client, along with approximate costings for the on-going mobility needs of people involved in litigation.

Driving Assessments are available for all type of injury and can include some of the following.

  • For New Drivers, wishing to establish if they can drive and what adaptive equipment they may need to achieve safe and comfortable driving.
  • For people who wish to drive after a new or worsening disability, this service advises on the most suitable equipment, driving lessons or rehabilitation, etc.
  • For Drivers with a severe disability who need to drive from their wheelchair, a 'hi-tech' driving assessment is available to establish equipment needs and vehicle suitability.
  • For People who only travel as a passenger a passenger assessment is carried out to establish what vehicle and access/egress equipment is needed to attain as independent mobility as is needed.

For details on assesments, costs, location, etc. please contact us by telephone, email or post using the information at the bottom of any page or click here.