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GLUAIS Training for Minibus Drivers and Escorts

Education Award Winner ImageOur GLUAIS training was awarded the Education award at Irish Logistics & Transport Awards 2012. The GLUAIS training is split into the following modules:-

Module 1 - Working with Minibus Drivers - Driving Your Minibus with Elderly & Disabled Clients

Topics Include:
Defensive Driving - Legal Responsibilities - Health & Safety - Manual Handling - Minibus Procedures - Emergencies

Module 2 - Working with Elderly and Disabled Clients

Topics Include:
History and Statistics on Disability - Different Disability Groups – Working with people with different disabilities - Manual Handling and Assessment – Walking Disabled and Wheelchair Users - Risk Assessment and the Drivers Role – Passenger Care - Child Passengers with Disabilities and Elderly Passengers with Dementia - Managing Passengers Behavior

Module 3 - Working with Wheelchairs, Ramps, Lifts and Clamping Equipment

Topics Include:
Correct Procedures when using a Wheelchair Lift, Wheelchair Ramps - Rules for Travelling – Wheelchair Tie-downs - Special Wheelchairs and Special Equipment – Drivers Responsibility and ‘Duty of Care’

Module 4 - Emergency Procedures

Topics Include:
Fire & Safety - Identifying Hazards - Minibus Emergency - Evacuation Procedures - The Six Golden Rules

Module 5 - Minibus Driver Assessment and Vehicle Care and Maintenance

Topics Include:
Driver skills evaluation - Driver scoring using the TRIP system - Vehicle & Equipment Checking

Module 6 - Refresher & Conversion Training

Part 1 - Drivers
Part 2 - Working with Elderly and Disabled
Part 3 - Working with Wheelchairs & Lifts

Topics include:
All Aspects of GLUAIS Training
with updates from RSA, HSA, HSE & CILT


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